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Introducing Power Shield UPS's

Encompass Integration appointed as distributor for

Power Shield UPSís.
Power Shield is an Australian Power Protection Company specialising in the development of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and power filtration products designed specifically for the Australian market.
Unlike internationally based manufacturers, Power Shield is one of the only Australian owned and operated companies to develop UPSís, power filters and surge diverters specifically designed for Australian conditions.   
Since starting in 2000 Power Shield has become a well known and trusted brand throughout Australia, with a diverse customer list including some of the largest mining companies, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.
Focused on and committed to extensive research and development strategies Power Shield provides solutions that ensure the cleanest and most reliable quality power. Power Shield is focused on developing the best possible UPS technology, leading the way as one of Australiaís largest independent UPS manufacturing companies.
Power Shield specialises in: 
- UPSís 650 to 500,000 VA
- Filters, surge diverters and power conditioners
- Batteries
- Repair and maintenance
- Manufacturing products specifically for Australian conditions
Power Shields extensive product range includes:
- PowerShield CompuGuard
Specifically designed to product modern computers
- PowerShield SafeGuard
UPS productivity by reducing your down time
- PowerShield Defender
Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
- PowerShield Commander
Provides temporary backup power supply
- PowerShield Commander RT
Commander rackmount tower guarantees compatibility for all kinds of loads
- PowerShield Centurion 3/1
Allows for three phase power to come in and single phase power to go out
- PowerShield Platinum
Platinum UPS solution
- PowerShield Power+
Scalable UPS solution
- PowerShield Mega Power+
Scalable UPS solution
- PowerShield Distribution
Power distribution units
- Remote Power Mangers
Control power of up to 8 electrical devices
- PowerShield Batteries
Absorbent glass mat technology for efficient gas recombination
- PowerShield Filters
Minimise damage by diverting or absorbing power
- Reconditioned Units  
As your local distributor we have access to and are stocking a large range of the Power Shield Products.
Please donít hesitate to contact us today for more information on this quality product range.