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ABB Low Voltage Products for Photovoltaic Applications

                             ABB Low Voltage Products for Photovoltaic Applications

ABB active partner in energy efficiency challenge
ABB have proudly developed a whole range of reliable products dedicated to photovoltaic applications and are able to meet all installation requirements.
The complete range consists of:
- Circuit breakers 
- Switch disconnectors 
- Fuse disconnectors and fuses
- Residual current operated circuit breakers
- Grid connection relays
- Metering devices
- Surge arrestors
- Consumer units
- Enclosures suitable for outdoor installation
- Terminal blocks
- Low voltage motors
- Low voltage AC drives
- Automation products
Revised PV Array Standards
On 16th January 2013 the revised standard AS/ANZ 5033:2012 installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays came into effect in accordance with Regulation 11 of the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012.
One of the new standards is that circuit breakers and switch disconnectors used in PV arrays shall not be polarity sensitive. ABB has one of the only two circuit breakers available on the market that currently comply with this standard.
The ABB range of S800PV-S high performance miniature circuit breakers complies with this standard and can be used in networks up to 1200V DC.
The S800PV-S was specifically designed for use in PV applications as it safely extinguishes dangerous DC arcs even in case of double faults.
The main features of the S800PV-S range are:
- Safe disconnection of all poles
- Polarity independent
- Wide range of accessories
- Remote controllable with S800-RSU remote switching unit
- String protection with disconnector properties with a rated current of
10 125A up to 1200V DC.
Please follow this link to view more information on the S800PV-S range.

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